March post card!

March 2013 Post Card

March 2013 Post Card

I have my idea for April’s card ready! *steeples fingers* If you want to get one in your mailbox, sign up!


My body has been giving me less-than-subtle messages lately that I need to slow down and take some “Me” time. Now to learn how to do that. (Eliminating stressors is probably the hardest part. Especially the financially-related ones.)

Any advice on how to schedule relaxation into my day is welcome. :,

In the meantime, I checked out a Tai Chi book & DVD from the library, and am now trying to figure out when and where I can take advantage of it. I am also trying to eat better, let things go, and remember to take better care of myself.


“Composure” is finished! Pics tomorrow. Just in time for me to take it to the Spring Salon. I am so excited!

For a teaser (because I haven’t taken the good pictures yet), here are her eyes, from a WIP photo last week:

Composure WIP: detail

Composure WIP: detail

I put another wash on “Ghost”, too; now that “Composure” is done, it’s going to be my project-on-easel for a while.


Onward and upward!