The show opening for Person, Place or Thing was last Friday! I’m so excited! Looking back, I feel pretty good about how it went. My art had very good placement; a whole wall at the front of the gallery, right as you come in the front door!

My art at the Utah Arts Festival Gallery

My art at the Utah Arts Festival Gallery in the May 2016 show “Person, Place, or Thing”

We could have had better attendance; the gallery people were disappointed in the turnout. Art Access next door had a GREAT turnout, and there were a little carryover; a side door in the Arts Festival Gallery opens onto a joint hallway, allowing access between the two.  But there was not as much carryover as I would have liked; I saw more than one person come over, peek in, then shrug and leave. (They couldn’t see my work from that door. Part of me thinks if they could have seen it, they would have investigated more. I may be biased.)

I had one sale during the evening! Very exciting! She’s going to a good home, and I know her new owners, so I can go visit now and then. 🙂

Jennifer Broschinsky and her art

Me and a star of the “Person, Place or Thing” show — sold!

Of the four artists involved in the show, two did not come to the opening. I was disappointed! (Artists, avoid this if at all possible…! I know sometimes it’s unavoidable, but you and your art are the star of the show; if you aren’t there, it cripples you!)

On my side, I had several people come! Friends, family, neighbors… a college roommate I haven’t seen since I graduated showed up, too! It was exciting to see them all. Even more said they couldn’t make the opening, but would come see the exhibit during regular gallery hours while it’s up, which pleases me.

I’m… resisting checking in with the gallery every day to see what’s sold. (Can’t do that! That way lies MADNESS.)

So while the show is up, I’m taking time to prep for my NEXT show! And get some good working time in during these last two weeks of kids-going-to-school time. Once it’s summer, my work schedule will be severely uprooted… and I have a commitment to have 40 pieces ready for next summer.

Wait, did I say 40? Hide the panic button, please…