This is me remembering that one of my resolutions this year (as last year, though I stank at it) is to blog more. o_o I used to be much better at this, but then my favorite blogging platform, LiveJournal, used to have a lot more activity than it does anymore. It’s a lot more fun to write when you know people are reading.

But I shall blog anyway.

Last week I finished a painting!

Conversation. 16"x20" acrylic on canvas by Jennifer Broschinsky

Conversation. 16″x20″ acrylic on canvas by Jennifer Broschinsky

(Bad lighting, weird tablet camera… and it’s not signed, so I guess it’s not actually finished. When the weather’s better, I’ll get a proper photo taken.)

Looks like today’s working time is mostly cleaning up — email inbox, all the scraps of paper around my work space that I write lists and numbers and things I need to remember… plus laundry’s in, so I’m having to take breaks now and then to move clothes around. It’s not a good day for working at the canvas, anyway.

I am reviewing lists, tracking progress, making more lists based on the old ones, and in general, calculating what my next steps should be.

I was asked for my price list over the weekend! At which point I realized that I don’t have it posted! I have one! If you want to know prices of my pieces, let me know and I will tell you!

I need to turn my online gallery into a marketplace. Probably what will happen is I will set up each piece with a PayPal “Buy Now” button so if you see something you like, you can snap it up. This business of monetizing my art is confuzzling to me, but I will figure it out. If you see something you like that doesn’t have a PayPal “Buy Now” button on it, contact me by email.