The website is tweaked and running! I’m happy with the new look, and (more importantly) with the updating method and gallery page! Now to add Google Analytics and figure out what to do with the information I glean…

The studio space has been woefully neglected this week while I worked on website back-end and other support work. It’s necessary, but gets overlooked; artists need to be in the studio, after all. But now that everything’s settled and mostly working, I can… get back to work? I guess?

Detail of In the Sun by Jennifer Broschinsky

Detail of September 2015 post card in Manga Studio.

This week my patrons on Patreon got their September post card and a coloring page of Aspidochelon, a giant sea turtle from Greek myth… and I posted my July post card to deviantArt. Here it is, if you missed it there:

Sage by Jennifer Broschinsky

“Sage”, post card for July 2015. Drawn and painted in Manga Studio


I’m working some writing into my routine, including on the blog; I have posts about whether an artist should consider getting a Master’s degree, what to consider when joining a juried show, and more about being a mom and an artist and starting a fledgeling art career. So watch here for more!