So the boys and husband have been in school for three weeks as of today. It has taken about this long to really get my schedule down. I have three hours every morning, as soon as I get the kids to school, to work! My first 20 minutes after I get back are exercise — walking or Wii Fit — and then I can get down to work. Art first, then writing.

I break the time into easel/canvas work, computer art work, and business/behind-the-scenes work like updating the website and such.

For the writing, I’m happy if I get 500 words, and I’m delighted if I can get more.

It has worked out pretty well so far, but it can easily get disrupted…! Child home sick? Work time gone. Errands to run? Well… I could do them after I pick up the kindergartener, but it’s so much easier to do them on my own… >_> It’s easy to fall in that trap, and hard to hold work time sacred when I am the only one holding myself accountable for it.

Still. I am on-track for my goals!

I must have 20 paintings finished by May, and so far, this is how things look:

Painting progress

Painting progress

So that’s ten paintings in various stages of completion, from sketch to underpainting to overpainting to done. Five of them are completely done and signed. I have (I think) four more empty canvases, but all in all, I think I’m on track to be finished in plenty of time, and I’ll even be able to finish more than I need, so I can weed out the not-quite-right ones. I feel okay about that.

Okay, off to get more work done…