This guy has a new home!

One Fish, Two Fish by Jennifer Broschinsky

One Fish, Two Fish. 12″x36″ acrylics on canvas. SOLD

*happy art dance*

This is my first time shipping art via UPS, and I hope I took the right precautions… Turns out there are a lot of tutorials online about how to package your art for shipping, and I looked through several before selecting one that I felt would be appropriate for this piece.

I started by making sure it was properly varnished. There are spray-on varnishes with matte or glossy finish that will protect your painting but can be removed if you need to clean it for a client at a later date; I went with one of those. The varnish has to dry for 24 hours, so I gave it a day, then I wrapped the painting itself in plastic to protect it during the wrapping process. (I just used a garbage bag, but there are probably plenty of better options out there.) I slipped a strip of bubble wrap into the canvas cavity to give it some protection. Those empty spaces can be vulnerable, and you want to protect the canvas from being poked or damaged.

Then I made some corner protectors. You can buy these, but I just cut them out from a larger box to the size of my canvas’s corners, taped them really well, and then slipped them on over the plastic. Once those were on, I wrapped the whole thing in bubble wrap. I just did one layer of the large bubbles.

Then I followed the Oil Painters of America art shipping guide to make a nested box to put it all in! Honestly, artwork is such a weird shape that it’s hard to purchase shipping boxes they’ll fit in; you’ll probably have to make your own. I got a HUGE box from a nearby furniture store which was happy to give me cardboard.

And that was it! Now it’s on its way to its new home, and I’m delighted!