It’s up!

My Patreon is live (actually has been for a few weeks) and I have posted coloring pages for patrons at the $5 level!


At the $3/month level, you also have access to my electronic post card subscription! That includes images like these, posted on my patreon blog for your enjoyment (with printable files, if you want to enjoy them on your wall):

2013 in Post Cards

2013 in Post Cards

Coloring pages and post cards will be posted once a month — maybe twice, depending on what I have ready! And I give my permission for patrons to print the PDFs for their own personal, noncommercial enjoyment.

I started drawing the coloring pages mostly for my own enjoyment, and for the enjoyment of my kids. I love creating black-and-white line art, and it lends itself so well to coloring! The post cards are often practice for larger paintings, and you’ll likely see themes repeated between the post cards and my paintings. Some of the first ones were created in physical media — colored pencil, mostly — but more recently I’ve been using them to experiment with digital art.

So I hope you will consider supporting me via Patreon! It’s a grand experiment for me, and I’m going to enjoy it. I hope you do, too!