Pink rose in my garden

Garden rose!

This is my birthday week! And it’s a milestone birthday for me. I’m trying to decide whether I’m upset or meh. I’m mostly meh. People around me are trying to convince me I should celebrate in a big way, but… meh. (Also, the black balloons and “over the hill” jokes are in poor taste, as far as I’m concerned… I still have a lot of life, and 25 years before I’m expected to retire. So!)

I do like celebrating, though. And this week I’m celebrating with little things: a trip to the cupcake store. Spending time with my kids now that they’re out of school. Plans to go to the Utah Arts Festival. Depositing the check from my paintings that sold at Art Access Gallery.

I would love for you to celebrate WITH me! Here are some things that I would just love.

Maybe support some of my favorite artists!

What else?

How about recommending things to me? I’m making my wish list now, and I’d love to fill it with things that will make me happy! So tell me. Your latest good read, your latest good food… Or just tell me something that delights you. That will be celebration to me. 🙂