Lots of stuff is in the works! But most of it is me submitting my stuff to places and not hearing back for a long time. >_> So. While I’m waiting for other news to tell you, here’s some interesting stuff that Really Is going on! With ALL THE IMAGES!

Studio Stuff

I had two paintings in Art Access Gallery’s “300 Plates” fundraiser! I attended the fundraiser & dinner, but… I didn’t take any pictures! Alas! >_< However, one of my plates sold! So. I got to help the gallery out, and I’ll get a small commission, which is nice! I like participating in 300 Plates, because it goes to a good cause.

After the exhibit, I started work on a couple small paintings:

2 small canvases

Two small paintings-in-progress.

2 small paintings with a red wash

Two small paintings with a red wash

I picked up these canvases in packs, thinking it would be fun to do a small series! They’re going to be interesting… and I’m enjoying trying something different.

This tree painting is also making (slow) progress…

Reaching Deep, in progress

“Reaching Deep”, before the blue wash…

"Reaching Deep", with blue wash

“Reaching Deep”, after the blue wash

"Reaching Deep", with a red wash over the ground and tree...

“Reaching Deep”, with a red wash over the ground and tree…


Working with washes means that things take forever. I put on a wash, and then I let it dry while I do something else… then I go back to it, and see what the wash actually did… and decide what needs to happen next. Lots of layers adds to the complexity of the final color! In acrylics, anyway. In watercolor, you have to be ever-so-careful, or it turns to mud…

Coloring Pages

I’m slowly working through a series of fantasy creature coloring pages, and they appear to be going well…! I will be posting high-resolution printable PDFs of these on my Patreon for subscribers to download and print for their own enjoyment. Watch for announcements!

Dragon and Bard, In Progress

Dragon and Bard, In Progress

Hippocampus, In Progress

Hippocampus, In Progress

Diving Pegasus, in progress

Diving Pegasus, in progress

Gryphon, In Progress

Gryphon, In Progress