This weekend we traveled down to Springville so I could pick up my pieces that were rejected from the Springville Museum of Art’s Spring Salon. I’ve had pieces in the last two shows, and it was an incredible experience! This year… Well.

The pieces I submitted this year were completed last year; I had other, better pieces to submit last year, and I did. And both made it in รขโ‚ฌโ€œ and one even sold. This year, I had nothing new, really… because I had to stop producing for six months while I recovered my health. My submissions had to be selected from my stock of completed work.

I’m pragmatic about not making it into shows. Jurors have different taste, after all. This show, though… it’s probably the most prestigious show in Utah. The top professionals of the state submit. When I was accepted I was astonished. Like, over the moon!

At the museum, I checked in at the front desk. They had to send someone down to bring my pieces up from their storage area, so I had a chance to look around. This year’s show is utterly incredible. Seriously. Every piece I saw was stunning. Finished. Refined. Each room had a different theme. I didn’t get a chance to see the entire show, but I intend to.

When I finally picked my pieces up from the front desk, the receptionist and the picker both told me they loved my work. They said that based on the work they’ve been bringing up for pick-up, they could have put together a whole nother awesome show from this year’s rejects. And I accept that.

Looking at this year’s show brought back a wash of the imposter syndrome I felt during the past two years (the first year, especially): that someone was going to see my work for the fraud it was.

But no… I’m no fraud; I’m working hard, and I’m learning. The last two years were just a beginning. And I’ll have a chance to submit again. I look forward to it, in fact.

In the meantime, I’ll roll up my sleeves, and get set to move these pieces back out the door. There’s an Art Walk in my neighborhood tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚