In a few minutes, I’m headed up to Art Access Gallery to pick up my masonite plates for the “300 Plates” show… but in the meantime, I thought I’d throw out a few podcast recommendations! And I’d love to get some of yours!

I didn’t used to listen to podcasts much because I just didn’t have time… and the kids Weren’t Interested. (Plus, a lot of these I have to vet for young ears. Not all of them are all-ages appropriate.) But lately I’ve found myself with in-the-car listening time more often — waiting for kids to get out of school, or driving home from dropping them off; plus I have my studio time, which, depending on what I’m doing, is a great place for listening and learning.

And that’s what I find I like: I like to listen to learn.

Here are a few that have caught my fancy… and I’d love to hear more!

On Art as a Business

The Abundant Artist Podcast Interviews with working artists, with lots of practical advice on business-building and marketing and other aspects of making art a business!

On Science and Technology

Radiolab I first heard this in short form during NPR news broadcasts; they were always interesting and well-produced, and talk about interesting connections. Always smart and thoughtful. Sometimes funny, sometimes… sad. They always make me think. (And where some of the NPR broadcasts sound kind of smug, this one… doesn’t.)

StarTalk Radio I love all things science — and Neil DeGrasse Tyson has done his best to make science hip and glamorous, and I love it! I enjoy listening to him talk about science things, and the guests he brings onto the show are always fascinating. (I would like it even better if his disdain for religion wasn’t so hard to disguise. You CAN be faithful and understand science; they are NOT mutually exclusive…)

Writing Special:

Grammar Girl — Quick and Dirty Tips If you like writing and language and word origins and usage, this is a great one. It is at times both funny and informative, and always fascinating! One of my recent favorites was on the various origins and usages of quotative “like”.

Helping Writers Become Authors Lots of practical tips about story construction and character.

Writing Excuses One of my favorite authors, Brandon Sanderson, with Dan Wells, Howard Taylor, and Mary Robinette Kowall; all published authors, talking about the practical parts of the writing business, and sometimes answering submitted questions.


So do you have some favorite podcasts? What are they, and why do you like them? Let me know!