SKETCH FEST CLOSED! Thanks to , and for your prompts!

I’ll be sketching in Manga Studio until 12noon MDST today.

I WILL TAKE SKETCH PROMPTS! If you’d like me to sketch a particular thing, let me know here or on Twitter — ping @puffbird so I get it!

I will take 15 minutes per sketch. At the end of 15 mins, I’ll post the sketch here and on Twitter as-is. Due to time (and energy) constraints, I can take 8 requests.

I WILL ACCEPT TIPS! The link to my PayPal tip jar is below. If my tips hit $25, I’ll take one of the sketches and refine it with color later.

Puffbird's Tip Jar

Please spread the word!

CAVEATS: No porn. No fan art. No copyrighted characters or intellectual properties. I reserve the right to negotiate sketch prompts. And finally, I’m still recovering from a pulmonary embolism, so I may have to cut things short. If I do, I’ll announce a new date/time for the make-up Sketch Fest.

Come play with me!

First prompt: Dragon!

Dragon Sketch

Second prompt: tree!

Tree sketch

Third prompt: Ellen Million’s snow-unicorn!

Snow Unicorn


Fourth prompt: mantis!

Mantis sketch

Fifth prompt: cartoon dinosaur!

Dinosaur sketch

Sixth prompt: crane!

Crane sketch

Seventh prompt: carpenter bee!

Carpenter bee sketch

Eighth prompt, courtesy @AlphaRaposa: were bears harvesting!

20140801 were bears

Aaand DONE!



Seventh prompt: carpenter bee!