Some fun updates today!

300 Plates Show at Art Access Gallery

The gallery that hosted my group show in February invited me to participate in their annual fundraiser show, “300 Plates”. It was a fun experience!

Each invited artist is given one or two masonite or plexiglass squares with two holes drilled on top, and the artist creates a piece of art with it. Here are my two ladies that I created:

2 paintings

My paintings for the 2014 Art Access 300 Plates exhibit!

I called them “I May Be Smiling” and “Behold My Wrath”.

The art is assigned a number, starting with 85 and going up; and on the day of the exhibit, the work is arranged on the wall of the gallery — starting with 85 in the top left, and wrapping around the room with the higher numbers towards the bottom and right. The assigned number is the price of the art.

On the day of the opening, they host a big dinner. Starting at 6pm, you can walk through the gallery and see all the paintings. Just before seven, they close the gallery and start calling wristbands. When your wristband is called, you have 3 minutes to go in and pick a plate for purchase. You grab the pink sticker and put your own green sticker on it to say it’s taken. You have 3 minutes before the next group comes in. If you’re lucky, and your wristband was called early, you get one of the best! (Seriously; some years, people would be fighting over them…!)

My “I May Be Smiling” painting was number 169; and it sold! “Behold My Wrath”, number 215, did not sell, but I donated it to Art Access for future fundraisers.

300 Plates exhibit

On the wall: “I May Be Smiling”, with its green SOLD sticker!

Some of Utah’s top artists participate in this show, and there were some seriously stunning pieces there. Nothing I could afford, unfortunately; but it was so fantastic to be a part of the exhibit!

Springville Art Museum

BOTH my submitted paintings made it into the Springville Art Museum Spring Salon this year! Here they are (me, too!) at the Art Ball in May:

Me and my paintings

My paintings (and me, too!) at the Springville Art Museum’s Spring Salon!

You can’t see it, but the top painting’s label has a “SOLD” sticker on it…! I got two sales in a month, and I can’t be more thrilled!