The “Strong Women” exhibit will be on display at Art Access Gallery in Salt Lake this week, and then it comes down… so if you happen to be in the area, go see it!

Strong Women at Art Access Gallery

My art in situ at Art Access Gallery’s “Strong Women” exhibit

I am on tenderhooks, waiting to see if any of my paintings have sold…! (And alternately wondering  whether they’d call if anything had!) I guess I’ll see when I go pick everything up next Monday…!

In the meantime, Art Access also invited me to participate in their “300 Plates” exhibit in May. And by plates, they mean 1 1/2-foot square panels of masonite. I have two, and they’re in progress! I’ll have more announcements about that later.

I’m not letting the wind out of my sails yet! I’ll be submitting to the Springville Museum of Art’s Spring Salon again, because that’s a big deal around here… and I’ll be looking for other opportunities, too. I missed some over the last couple of months because I was working on the “Strong Women” pieces. (How, again, did it get to be March already?)

Onward and upward…!