In a week from Friday, I’m due to deliver my art to Art Access Gallery for the “Strong Women” show. Four paintings done, two in progress, and one blank canvas left. The blank canvas may go towards my Springville Museum of Art entry instead of this show, but I still feel like I’m in good shape.

Now I just need to sustain my work ethic. -_-

I’ve reached the stage where I’m getting tired of my chosen theme and I want a little break from it… but I need to see it through, until this show is ready. Then I can have a break.

Working when you don’t feel like it is a learned skill and a habit that is endemic to the successful people who really make something of their careers. They work even when they don’t feel like it; even when they are ready to do something else; even when they’d rather read or knit or what have you, they put in their time because it’s their job. When they’re working, they’re on the clock and they put in the hours.

So on to my easel!