Last year’s goals were more specific than goals I had made in the past… and were more focused on illustration, graphic design and licensing. I may incorporate some of those goals this year, too… but my shift in focus to more fine art means a goals shift for this year, too.

Also, the toddler will be old enough for preschool starting in September, which will give me more work time!


Enter Springville Museum of Art Spring Salon (April)
Look up other show opportunities (World of the Wild, Utah Arts Festival Gallery, more…)
Apply for show at Alice Gallery through Division of Arts & Museums
Attend Gallery Stroll
Keep building portfolio…
Continue Post Card Subscription
Create dummy for “No Way Day” children’s book
Populate Zazzle store
Graphics project: Yellowstone activity book, dog breed project


Daemon story
Turan’s Well
Post more regularly on blog


Make progress on denim quilt (top is 1/7 done)
Finish unpatterned hardanger project
Finish other unfinished projects (afghan, cross stitch)
Find uses for 2 skeins of yarn stash
DO NOT start a new project until I’ve finished something else! (I’m terrible at this.)


Anything I do will be better than 2013’s garden. Salsa garden sounds good to me…! Also, we took the tree in front of the basement door out. That needs to be planted with something attractive.