Breaking my radio silence!

I’ve not been accessing my computer for days at a time… which means I’m not writing. Part of this is the condition of my laptop. The screen is broken, so it must be connected to a monitor. The battery won’t hold a charge, so it always has to be plugged in. The fan is on its last legs, so if it’s left on for any length of time, it starts clunking.

In other words, it’s not a laptop anymore, and it’s on its way out.

Most of my online activity happens from my iPod Touch. It’s not particularly comfortable to write with your thumbs on a touchpad keyboard, so I just don’t write, except in 140 characters. Hopefully this will change soon, because AT LAST we’ll be living on more than subsistence pay.

News! News NEWS. Did I say there was NEWS?

I’m on cloud nine! Hubby has a full-time job, starting September!

You know how last week I said he might have twice the hours? Well. He got word that they want him at the school for all EIGHT class periods. Full Time. On contract. With benefits and a 401K. With his checks paid out over all 12 months.

I tell you, I alternated between laughter and tears the whole day.

Hubby summed it up the best: “I didn’t really know how stressed I was until I was suddenly not stressed anymore.”

Last Week of School

The kids get out of school this week, and I’m wracking my brain for how I want to organize things for the summer. They’ve both had amazing years, in their own ways… they both have made amazing progress. They deserve a huge reward! (I’m thinking an amusement park, if I can scrounge up enough…) But I don’t want to let their progress slide.

This morning, instead of studio time, I pulled my chore lists and reward systems together and hammered out a basic plan for a summer routine… which will include a children’s version of NaNoWriMo for the 10-yr-old, at his request. (The 6-yr-old might join in, if he feels like it, but he’s not as much of a storyteller as the 10-yr-old… who can’t keep his stories in his head. They are constantly spilling out of his mouth. I’d love for him to get them on paper.)

In the meantime… I get to figure out how I’m going to manage my studio time and meet show submission deadlines over the summer with a house full of monkeys. But we will all be HAPPY monkeys!