Looks like I have health-related appointments set up for next week. Hopefully I’ll get everything sorted out soon.

Moving along, moving along…!

On the Easel

Focusing on “Composure” this week, in advance of the Springville Salon. It needs some work, and I hope I have enough time to finish…! Otherwise I may only have one piece ready to submit.

Composure. WIP by Jennifer Broschinsky

Composure, Work In Progress

Composure has been on my mind a lot lately.

Composure is a mask. It’s the well-behaved face we put on when we go out in public — the veneer that hides the turmoil in our life from polite society. It’s the facade we put on to make the raging emotions we feel socially acceptable. “Composure” comes up a lot in Jane Austen’s work as a desirable attribute — being able to handle stress or insult or whatever comes at you with composure is a sign of a superior mind.

The woman in this painting is trying to put a brave face on something out of her control. Things are going poorly, but that’s no reason to trouble the neighbors.

* * *

Aaand… that’s all I have for today. 🙂 On studio days, I post work-in-progress pics on my twitter feed @puffbird, for anyone so inclined.