February’s post card went out on time:

February Post Card

February Post Card: Puffbird and Friends

March’s post card is ready to print. If you want to sign up, you have until the 15th to get March’s card.

On The Easel

I have two paintings in progress, and one of them is HUGE. Like, 27″x33″ or something. (I should double-check.)

Composed. Acrylic on canvas by Jennifer Broschinsky.

Composed, Work In Progress

Ghost. Acrylic on canvas by Jennifer Broschinsky

Ghost, Work in Progress

I want to finish “Composed” by April to have it ready for the Springville Salon. I’m… a bit intimidated. But I can do it! Mostly it’s the “I’m trying to be a grown-up artist” thing that’s getting me. It’s a real change. Yes, I draw for fun… but when I sit down for my studio hours, I must have a career-based strategy.

What I love most is the sheer joy I feel when I put brush to canvas. I… haven’t felt that in a long time. It makes me a bit melancholic, to look back and see what I’ve been missing all these years.

*shake-shake* No more looking back! Looking forward now!

Looking Forward

Now that my morning studio hours are working out and I’m making progress, it’s time for me to integrate other things into my work plan. Like Songseeker, and other writing projects. This is what my evening work hours will be dedicated to.

Great Songseeker news, though… I have the next three pages planned! I won’t start posting until I have a backlog, but progress is being made.

My other really frivolous goal is to start looking for links to share in my posts. Because links! I’ve been skimming social media but not spending time on articles — nor have I been saving links to things that interest me. That Must Stop!