Finished a painting this week!

"Blue and Gold": painting by Jennifer Broschinsky

Blue and Gold. 11″x14″ acrylic on canvas by Jennifer Broschinsky

Also, the February post card is mailed today, so if you’re a subscriber, watch for it this next week! If you’re not a subscriber, consider becoming one! This has been a fun exercise. I love getting mail, and the thought of my being able to send something fun for other people to enjoy delights me. 🙂

On the Easel

I have a GIANT canvas on the easel now, waiting for a drawing and under painting. (Okay, only 27″x36″, but that’s intimidating compared to my recent canvases.) I’m ruminating on what I want to do with it, but I should have something ready to start next week.

Other stuff

This has been an abnormal winter. I grew up in a place where the first snow in September usually wouldn’t melt until April, so there was always snow on the ground. Where I live now, it usually warms to 40 degrees between storms — enough to melt the snow and expose the yellowed grass. This year it hasn’t warmed between storms. Since our first big snow in November, we’ve had constant snow on the ground. We’re getting more today, even. I like it! But I’m not used to it anymore…!

On my ever-increasing to-do list, I’m prepping a dummy for a children’s book; drawing coloring pages for an activity book; finishing a hardanger project for my sister; sewing blocks for a quilt — always so much to do, and not enough time to do it in.

OTHER Other Stuff

A medieval manuscript with cat prints!
Neil Gaiman’s Calendar of Tales, with a Call for Art!