Crow Thoughts by Jennifer Broschinsky

“Crow Thoughts” WIP. Conte Crayon on illustration board. by Jennifer Broschinsky

I think I’m settling into my new routine! Every other weekday I have a “studio day” where I can work solely on my work. (This week it was “Crow Thoughts”.) I think I’m still adjusting, though… The hard thing about working at home and being a studio artist is that it is challenging to set and keep studio/office hours with all the distractions of home life. And it’s not just people assuming that since you’re home you are available.

I have to work while knowing that there’s laundry, tidying, dishes, dusting, vacuuming… all the things I think I should be doing to be a good homemaker. But I have to remember that in order to be a good artist I have to KEEP my studio hours, and not let them be suggestions.

Post Card Subscription

January post cards went out over a week ago, and recipients should have their cards now. Subscribers, if you haven’t received your postcard (or it arrived damaged), please let me know!

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January’s post card:

January Post Card: Fish by Jennifer Broschinsky

January Post Card: Fish. Colored pencil on paper. by Jennifer Broschinsky

Other Things

I have gotten a couple less-than-subtle messages from the universe in general that I need to pay more attention to my personal mental and physical well-being. Every day I’ll spend a little time on reading, knitting, or embroidery. That’s going to (ultimately) be fun, because I’ll be posting more pics of embroidery and knitting in progress! Plus reading!

Current projects: my hardanger piece (which needs to be finished ASAP!), a pair of knit lace socks, a crochet afghan.

Currently reading: Lord of Chaos (#6 in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series)