I’m FINALLY not really sick anymore. 😛 I caught a virus that went to my throat and chest, and then to my sinuses. I sounded terrible for ten days. I’m sounding better now. The worst thing was how exhausted I was. I could only do things for five minutes, maybe, before I was out of breath and needed to sit down again. I’m glad not to be doing that anymore.

Work Update

This year I’m working.

One of my goals this year that I am determined to accomplish is to have regular studio hours. Some of those hours (today, for instance) are going to be spent on administrata like marketing, organizing, checklist-making… but some of the time will actually be spent in the studio. This is a really-part-time job at this point, but I am treating it like a job.

This is how I plan to be successful.

It’s helped by my husband having regular every-other-day work, so on the days he’s not at work, he can babysit while I work.

Today I found a free checklist app called Astrid, and put it to work for me.
I updated my Zazzle store, putting my “Simply Quail” design on more products. (Can I mass-apply a design to products so I’m not having to create them from scratch one at a time?)
I set some deadlines to work towards in my evening and Thursday studio hours.


The toddler is picking up some interesting phrases. “It’s delicious”, “That’s a good idea” and other useful things are showing up in his vocabulary. But every so often something comes out of his mouth that throws us for a loop.

At lunch Sunday all three boys and I were sitting at lunch, and out of nowhere, the toddler turns to Bean and says, “Come ON, handsome!”

At which Bean snorted with inarticulate rage.

And I… couldn’t stop laughing enough to intervene.


I am blasting my way through Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series (Eye of the World complete, and now on to The Great Hunt!) so I can read THIS!

Memory of Light 002

Which I picked up at the midnight release party! (Which I went to, despite being ill, because reasons! Driving distance for the official midnight release plus author Q&A for an epic series of which I’ve been waiting to read the ending for 20 years? I AM SO THERE.)

(I couldn’t believe how many people at the Q&A prefaced their questions with “I’ve been reading/been a fan of this series for 10 years”… I started reading them when the first one was published in 1990.)

In any case. My reading time will be spent refreshing myself on the series so I can fully appreciate the ending.