My goals this year are significantly different from last year’s goals, for a couple of reasons. My goals last year were kind of vague, and about projects I hadn’t committed to yet. They were more “let’s see what this will do” kind of projects. This year, my projects are focused on specific projects that I’ve already started, or laid the groundwork for.

In specifics, this year I will be starting up my fine art business. That means getting a business license, and doing all the businessy things that you do when you start running a business for yourself. Oi, taxes. -_-

Each week I will have either two or three work days, depending on my husband’s work schedule. I will focus on the following:

Populate Zazzle store; add more Puffbirds
Enter 3 paintings in World of the Wild — Deadline: Jan 19
Enter art in the “Utah Arts Festival Gallery” — Deadline: May
Create dummy for “No Way Day” children’s book
Create 10 coloring pages for Yellowstone activity book
Create 3 drawings for dog breed project
Create 10 ACEOs
Start post card subscription
Re-work Songseeker
Attend Salt Lake’s Gallery Stroll — if not regularly, then at least twice this year.
Practice with anatomy studies and basic drawing exercises.

No Way Day
Daemon Story
Turan’s Well
Post more regularly on my blog.

I will make progress on my denim quilt.
I will finish my grandma’s hardanger that she left behind when she passed away. (Nearly done!)
I will finish two of my other unfinished projects (afghan, cross stitch)
I will find uses for at least 2 skeins of my yarn stash.
I will NOT start a new project until I’ve finished something else!!

Salsa garden! I’ll try this again, and maybe add potatoes.

See all the specifics? Some of them with deadlines! Now to print these out and post them above my newly-installed writing desk…!