For the past three weeks (yes, including Thanksgiving) I’ve dealt with strep, head and chest colds, and croup in my children. I think things are starting (finally!) to calm down, and I’m going to start finding extra working time. At last. -_- As soon as I find some extra sleeping time, so I don’t feel as though I’m going to fall over all the time. Wakeful children in the night make for not-so-wakeful parents during the day.


Even with all that sickness going on, we had a great Thanksgiving. My husband and I got to roast a turkey for the first time. (Two, actually; rather than one monster, we roasted two smaller birds.) It was awesome! And it turned out great! Thanks to Saveur Magazine and Alton Brown for the awesome recipes! The Saveur recipe brined the turkey in apple cider, and roasted it on apples, vegetables, and a bed of fresh basil. Alton’s recipe brined it in veggie stock with candied ginger and LOTS of garlic. They were both awesome, for completely different reasons.

Tight year for us… so we’re focusing small, and that’s okay. 🙂 There will be lots of family and closeness and love.

I actually achieved my goal of designing my own Christmas card. It’s very simple. If you would like to receive one in the mail, please email me your physical address at puffbird at startide dot net — I’m glad to share! If you’d like to order some of your own to send to friends and family, my Traveling Santa card is available at my Zazzle store. (Zazzle, by the way, is having lots of Daily Deals in December! Like today, they’re giving 10% off all products, if you enter the code HOLLYJOLLY12 when you check out.)

Art Updates
I am woefully behind on Songseeker. It’s been on the backburner for a while, and after the next page or so, I may put it on hiatus until I can work up a backlog so it’s posting more regularly. The story is going to start moving, but for the readers’ sake, they shouldn’t be kept waiting months for new pages to show up.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been mercenary and focused more on art forms I have more training in — and that are more marketable. On the easel right now is a painting of an orange-spotted blue betta splendens. It’s in the ugly stage right now, but another session or two should bring it around.

I finished “One Fish, Two Fish” in August. I’d like to finish “Blue and Gold” before the end of the year. There’s a “World of the Wild” exhibit (with some pretty awesome traveling exhibit and purchase prizes) in January, and I’d like to have a few things to send that way. 🙂


Current goals:
Finish “Blue and Gold”
Look for the Next Great Thing
Discover my real passions — because even now, I still don’t know what I love to do the most.