Oh gosh… So tired after a long weekend!

Art Show

… was a great experience! Not many of the friends Bean invited actually came, but I think his experience – making the art and putting a show together – was a good one for him. If anything, I hope he learned that the point of an art show is not to sell, but to share.

Speaking of selling, we didn’t. But that’s okay! It was fun. I was able to get my name out, if only a little.

View of the Show

Our show was on the upstairs balcony of an historic house-turned-museum. Beautiful location! Most of our traffic was walk-in traffic that came in to see what that house was and find out what was inside. It’s a folk arts museum full of traditional, ethnic and occupational art. Really neat.

On the first day, it was just Bean and me. When people were there to see the work, he was excited and energized… and when no one was there (and there were LONG stretches of Nobody) he was BOOOORED.

We made some bookmarks out of card stock left over from making labels. I wrote my name, website address and twitter handle on the back. Then we gave them away to people who came. It worked out great!

On the second day, my husband was able to be there too, to spell me. He and I traded off. I took the kids to the playground with the water fountain; he took them to get lunch, and we ate a picnic lunch together. Then Hubby’s good friend, girlfriend and girlfriend’s niece came and Hubby took the kids with them to the carnival rides; then I went with them all to the aviary and to get snow cones. We made it a fun day, and kept the art show manned the whole time, too!

I’ve identified some ways I would change things next time. If there are kids involved in the show, it’s okay for them to man the show for a little bit, but even if you have stuff for them to do while they’re there, sometimes the thought that they Can’t Leave is enough to drive them stir-crazy. (We fixed that the second day.)

Everything Else

This week Hubby starts New Job AND school. Next week, the kids start school. So this week is going to be a week of Transitions. In a good way. I don’t know how much I’ll be around with all this RL stuff going on. Speaking of which…my next Songseeker page will probably be a little late. It depends on how much inking I can get in tonight. I was a couple weeks ahead, but I ate up my cushion with all this other busy stuff — imagine that! (Must get better at that, if I’m going to bother having a webcomic…!)