Woke this morning from an awesome dream where I was confidently about to save the world. It was a rush — and I wasn’t ready to leave it. But I took that feeling with me today.

Raptor in the Garden
After breakfast this morning, my father-in-law called down, “Raptor in the garden!” so we all ran up… and sure enough, there was a raptor out there. I didn’t see it well enough to get a good ID on it before it flew away, but it was about the size of a crow, or a little smaller, with a greyish back, a speckled belly, and a barred tail. I didn’t get a good look at its legs or face. It was too big and not colorful enough to be an American Kestrel, I think. Merlin, perhaps? But those have a mostly-northern range, farther north than here. A sharp-shinned hawk? But those live mostly in forested areas. We do have a large historical farm nearby, with lots of trees, but this is a suburb, not a forest.


I think I’ve seen it flying around the neighborhood before. I’ll keep an eye out for it more now.

Art Show
…is eating my life! Trying to figure out logistics of watching kids AND manning the show. Oy.

Delivered invitations to neighborhood friends today. Bean is excited. There are a few school friends whose addresses he doesn’t know, and he’s bummed about that, but there’s not too much we can do… he doesn’t even remember their last names.

My betta watercolor came back from custom framing and looks gorgeous.

Ah. 🙂

Next job: finish One Fish, Two Fish…

Bean’s done making art. He actually told me he’d done enough a couple weeks ago… and that’s okay. He went with me to pick up mats for his pieces, and was excited about that. Tomorrow we’ll mat everything.

Phew! Toddler’s napping, kids are at a friend’s house… Off to paint!