So many good things!

I celebrated my birthday by taking my family to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream. I had the most delicious lemonaide sorbet with fresh raspberries mixed in…! Served in a wafflecone…! Oh so yummy! Then, so I wouldn’t have to bake a cake, I stopped at the Sweet Tooth Fairy two doors down to get the most divine peanut butter chocolate cupcake. (The kids picked out fresh-made suckers.)

Then my family gave me Scott McCloud’s Making Comics and James Gurney’s Color and Light. I have my studying for the summer!

A new page is posted! I have one in queue to be posted, one almost fully inked, and one sketched. Making progress.

This page ends the current “Interlude”. The next page starts the real first chapter. This is where I wanted to start the story — and would have, except that I felt I needed practice. So I created a couple prelude chapters for learning and practice. I really needed them. I still need loads of practice before I’m happy with the result, but I feel like I’m making improvements.

Garden Update
The onions are coming in well! The scallions are nearly ready to harvest. (I should stagger their planting, because I just don’t use that many at a time.) The radishes should be ready in the next week or so. The beets… I discovered yesterday that sparrows like to eat beet greens. >:E

All the tomatoes, the tomatillo, and the peppers are doing well.

Art Update
Bean and I are doing an art project this summer. He told me last summer that he wanted to have an art show and sell some of his work. I spent a long time thinking about where we could hold a show รขโ‚ฌโ€œ the library? Rent a recital hall for a night?

In the end, he and I decided that making art for a show would be a great summer activity. And we settled on a theme: “Art With Words”. He loves creating comic/manga pages (it’s one of the only ways I can get him to write anything). And he also loved the illuminated manuscript project I did with his class last month, so he wanted to do some illuminated letters, too. I have some word art ideas I want to work on as well. The idea is for us to each create 10 to 20 pieces. He has four finished so far. I have one started. I need to step it up, or he’s going to show me up!

The REALLY exciting thing? I found a venue!

I went to visit a former colleague of mine, whose office is in an historic house which is now a museum. I talked to her about our project, and she offered the use of the museum for the exhibit. !!! There is a large and gorgeous covered balcony, which — if we schedule it right — will be an ideal venue for a summer evening.

So not only do we have a project planned, we have a place to exhibit it!

I applied for a grant to fund the framing for the exhibit, and I’m hoping that I hear back soon! Even so, I am thrilled.

Can’t even begin to describe.

But now I have a deadline. And so the real work begins! Ideally, I can get my pieces finished by mid July, and then I can worry about framing and other show preparations. ๐Ÿ™‚

# # #

Onward and upward!